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Whole-Body Hyperthermia System - Manufactured by: Hydrosun Medizintechnik GmbH, Müllheim - CE 0123


HT 3000 HT 3000 HT 3000 HT 3000
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The new heckel-HT3000 is a joint development of heckel medizintechnik GmbH and Hydrosun Medizintechnik GmbH who have established a strategic partnership in the field of whole-body hyperthermia. Indepth specialized knowledge in the fields of technology and (clinical) research on water-filtered infrared-A-radiation (Hydrosun) is combined with many years of technical and clinical know-how in whole-body hyperthermia (heckel). heckel-HT3000 is manufactured by Hydrosun and is exclusively marketed worldwide by heckel gmbH.

The new whole-body hyperthermia system by heckel

HT 3000 HT 3000 HT 3000

Example fever-range whole-body hyperthermia "short-duration": 95 min. above 39°C:

Short duration

Example fever-range whole-body hyperthermia "long-duration": 300 min. above 39°C:

Long duration